Simon White


Motion Sickness

13th January 2012
It is thought that about 90% of people have suffered from motion sickness at some point in their lives. Although it is not life threatening, many sufferers might well wish that it were, if only to bring an end to their severe discomfort. Sea sickness,... Read >

Rogue Waves - The Facts

11th January 2012
What defines a rogue wave? Rogue waves are spontaneous and unexpected waves. They are usually large and can quite often be extreme and even killer. They may not always be the biggest waves but are abnormal and large for the state of the sea in a parti... Read >

Sea Areas of the Shipping Forecast

04th January 2012
Part 1. The Eastern Area - Viking to Thames "Forties, Cromarty, Forth, Tyne, Dogger, Fisher, German Bight" - such evocative sounds, but where do they come from and why? A bit of history: Gale warnings for the British Isles were first broadcast to s... Read >

Part 3 - The Western Area - Lundy To South East Iceland

04th January 2012
The final part of the shipping forecast is the Western Area. From Lundy to the South East of Iceland. One of the other main features of the shipping forecast on Radio 4 is its infamous intro music 'Sailing By', by Ronald Binge. This music has become ... Read >

Nautical Sayings And Phrases - Everyday Language

19th December 2011
When it comes to being out on the open waters it is not just a fully equipped boat you will need. Having a range of nautical sayings and phrases will add to the experience. Nautical sayings and phrases are not just there to make you look good either. Ther... Read >

About The Shipping Forecast

11th November 2011
"and here is the shipping forecast issued by the Met. Office…" Words that many of us have heard as we toss on the high seas, and for those who have drawn the short straw, rudely awakened in their bunk at 0520 hours as the chosen crew member to note dow... Read >

Article about Fletcher Boats

19th July 2010
Did you know - Norman Fletcher became the first Class III Off shore Champion in 1964. A very British history - Fletcher built his first boat in 1950 and from that time, the boat company became the largest producer of sports boats outside the United Sta... Read >

History of Dufour

04th August 2009
Michel Dufour founded his company to build the Sylpie in 1965, but it was his second design, the Arpege from 1967, that established his reputation as an innovative designer and builder. Today, the company builds cruiser-racers from 34ft to 45ft and 'pu... Read >

Choosing a Power Boat Hull

17th October 2008
Power boat hulls are divided into three main types: Displacement Semi-displacement Planing hulls Power boat hulls are divided into three main types: Displacement, Semi-displacement, Planing hulls - Hull types can have a variety of sub-types, ... Read >